Psychotherapy is creating intentional space and time to listen deeply to your true voice, desires and needs while being fully witnessed. Our work together is focused around developing a relationship of trust and safety to explore your feelings, dreams and truths.  You direct the focus of our work and I assist with setting and re-evaluating attainable goals. I offer compassionate feedback, perspective, tools and resources. You will experience the opportunity to live more fully, be more present with yourself and your relationships through awareness of mind, body and spirit.

I am currently providing individual and family therapy sessions via phone or video at reasonable rates and offer sliding scale slots for clients who qualify. Sessions are 50 minutes long. I work from a client-centered approach which includes collaborating to determine the issues you are interested in addressing.  We set goals at the beginning of therapy and re-evaluate our progress periodically to make sure we are on track. I offer an integrative mind-body-spirit approach allowing you to connect with yourself on a physical and emotional level. Some people benefit from guided imagery to practice this awareness.  My non-judgmental perspective helps you shift the areas in your life that you may have difficulty doing alone.