Parenting can be one of the most challenging and enriching experiences in our lives. It can also be extremely difficult to not have clear expectations and agreements. I encourage parents to articulate the influences they bring from their own childhood and observe contrasts and compliments with their partner’s experience. This historical awareness provides opportunities for intentional parenting. I create a safe environment for parents of all backgrounds to feel heard and speak their needs, beliefs and hopes.

I recognize how easy it is for new parents to lose trust in themselves. Raising children is demanding on every level in ways we can never fully prepare. I empower new parents to find their confidence and remind them that they know their child best. Self-care and maintaining a connection as a couple are important priorities we incorporate into our work even if I am only working with one parent. Pre-crawling babies are welcome to attend sessions.

Single parents (including those who have embarked on being a single parent by choice) face unique demands of needing to be present in some capacity all the time. It can be helpful to address healthy boundaries and strengthen support systems to maintain autonomy and independence.

If parents are navigating separation or divorce it can be important to bring in additional resources and support for each member of the family. Clear communication, expectations and responsibilities are especially helpful in blended families. Introducing new partners or step-parents may require special consideration.

Adoption can evoke complex layers of feelings for parents and children. Parents may benefit from support to address their experience and their role to be present for their child when questions and identity issues arise.