Eating Disorders

I provide support for adults, teens and families struggling with the continuum of disordered eating to eating disorders. Eating disorders include Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder. I became interested in this area of focus 20 years ago while working in the schools and recognizing the epidemic of disordered eating and body image issues in our image conscious community and culture. I ran support groups at Beyond Hunger for adults and teens with eating disorders while also developing peer education prevention programs.

Utilizing a non-diet approach to address the underling issues, I offer clients mindfulness tools to find new ways of managing painful feelings that serve them more effectively. Clients are more able to address their layers of depression, anxiety and trauma with support. It can be less scary to face these issues directly and not have to struggle alone. By educating and empowering clients to learn to trust their bodies they are able to understand what is underneath the eating behaviors and find more effective ways of coping. In many situations I encourage working as part of a team to address the physical, emotional and nutritional needs of each client.

Recovery is possible and requires support to address the shame and judgement that fuel disordered eating behaviors and thought patterns. I assist clients with viewing their recovery in a broader context so they can become empowered to focus their energy on their goals and aspirations instead of obsessing about their weight, food or body size.