10 Ways to Release Your Feelings

Many of us spend more energy avoiding our feelings rather than acknowledging and processing them. Here are some suggestions to support you with letting go and feeling better:

1. Notice where you are feeling the feelings in your body especially before you engage in any coping behavior such as eating, drinking or distracting.

2. Breathe deeply into your jaw, shoulders, heart and belly.

3. Allow yourself to yell, cry, draw, walk, journal, meditate and relax.

4. Spend some time at a beach or imagine yourself there. Allow the feelings to crash over you or move through you like the rhythm of the waves.

5. Meditate as you watch the flicker of a candle flame and allow it to calm you.

6. Spend some time in silence in a beautiful natural setting or look up at the stars.

7. Say what you need to say just to get it out (even if it isn’t directly to the person you are upset with).

8. When you are feeling angry, write down your feelings and see if it is liberating to shred the paper.

9. Sing out loud or listen to music that matches your mood.

10. Remind yourself that this feeling will pass.